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Hope for Healing Prayer Guide

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Father, we praise You, for You love us perfectly. You set the stars in the sky and the oceans’ borders in place. Everything moves under Your omnipotent hand. To heal us gives You joy. We don’t understand pain. You tell us that sin has consequences in this life, yet we struggle to draft together a lofty purpose and reasoning for the when, why, where, and who it befalls. Father, You are grace and love and hold us in perfect justice and fairness. You grow us through every season, painful and not.


What's inside:


  • Healing Scriptures
    Names of God our Healer
    Steps toward Healing and Restoration
    A prayer for personal healing
    A prayer for healing for friends
    A prayer for healing and Grace
    A prayer for healing sick Family and Friends
    A prayer for When Sickness Comes
    A prayer for Those Waiting on Healing